Motivational Mondays

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY – STEP 2: What are common reasons of lack of motivation

If you lack motivation the 1st step to take is to wonder what’s the reason behind it 🤔
If you’re a perfectionist your lack of motivation or procrastination may come from the fear that you won’t complete the task flawlessly 🙄. You need to understand that something done is better than something perfect and that you shouldn’t postpone some task over and over 😉!
Here’s other common reasons for lack of motivation:
1. Avoidance of discomfort: when you need to do some task you know it’s unpleasant (e.g. working out) it is hard to get to it because the idea of staying in comfort is more appealing 🤷‍♀️. In those kind of situations you need to focus on long-term results (e.g. your body after regular working out)
2. Self-doubt: when you think you can’t do something you’ll likely to struggle to get started. In those kind of situations just focus on doing the task itself, don’t think about the outcome of it 😉
3. Being over-extended: when you have a lot going on in life, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed. I tend to be in those kind of situations and the key to getting out of this feeling is to cut down the amount of task/project you have running. Pick max 3 things you want to focus on now and work on those. Cross out the rest or postpone it a bit 😉
4. Lack of commitment to a goal: when you need to do something simply out of a need of obligation but when you don’t really want to do it 🙄. Try to think of some personal benefits for you after accomplishing that task. This will make you feel more commited to the goal.
5. Mental health issues: a lack of motivation is a common symptom of depression. It’s important to consider whether your mental health may be affecting your motivation level. If so, please see a specialist.
These are just a few common reasons why you may lack motivation but naming what is the reason of it is a big step to work on improving your motivation and willpower so go on and think which scenario do you classify in. In next steps we’ll learn how to improve our willpower 💪

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How to be productive

There are plenty different tips on how to be productive, some will work on you and some won’t so you need to test them all and see what’s effective on you! 😊
This is what works for me
🔸️ Planning
➡️ First of all when I set my goal I visualise me succeeding to be even more pumped/motivated 🤩
➡️ I write down a list of steps I need to take to reach my goal. The more you break your goal into smaller steps the better.
➡️ I open my calendar and assign each step to some date. 1 step a day (or even a week if those are bigger steps) should be enough.
Once I have my goal divided into smaller steps and each step planned for a specific date/period of time I know what and when I have to do 🤓. Focus on that step only, don’t think what comes next.
🔸️Taking the steps
I work on my projects/goals after my regular work so those are my advices for people who have goals outside their work life/career (or want to make those goals their new career 😉)
➡️ Don’t take long breaks and don’t get too comfortable, you’ll lose whole will to work 😅
The hardest part is to start so once I finish regular job, I eat dinner and go straight to my projects. („I’ll rest, see 1 episode of my favourite show and I’ll get to work” almost never works 😅). I try to stay „pumped” after work to do more and more.
➡️ If you do need a break between work and projects go for a walk or, even better, workout! Physical activity will boost your mind and release endorphins so you’ll feel better and will be pumped to work! 😁
➡️ Tick off every little thing you’ve done from your ‘TO DO’ list. Even if it’s a really small thing that took you 1 minute – tick it off ✔ the more ticks you’ll get the better you’ll feel
➡️ If you haven’t managed to do everything from your ‘TO DO’ list just open your calendar, assign a new date for the steps that you’ve got left 📅
➡️ Once again go throught the list of things you did manage to do, you’ll see how productive you’ve been! 🤗
➡️ Have a well-deserved rest 😊